Muslim Fashion Brings Modest Wear to the Fashion Industry

Indonesian fashion designer Rani Hatta has come out with a new line that is Muslim inspired. The clothing includes a sporty minimalist look and the models wore baseball caps over hoods that were tight on their head instead of the traditional hijab. They also wore turtlenecks to cover up as well.

Hatta is trying to prove to society that modest apparel can be fun, too. Her collection is made to cater towards people who believe in Islamic teachings and towards people who are nonbelievers. Hatta showcased her fashion show at Tokyo Fashion Week for the Autumn/Winter season. She wants to construct designs that are for Muslims, but also are universal so that everyone can wear them even if they are not Muslim.

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Hatta’s style is a lot of straight cut blazers and tops matched with huge red stitches that add a pop of colour and vibrance to the black and grey clothing Hatta has been producing. The traditional work of the clothing is accompanied by loose-fitting shirts and pants that are made out of cotton polyester fabrics, giving it a lively tone.

“Religious requirements do not bar wearers from dressing stylishly,” Hatta remarked. Young Muslims are trying to explore an advanced genre of attire, coming away from the stereotype that Muslims only wear long dresses and hijab. Many women think that the hijab is old-fashioned, hence the tight hoods and fun hats to wear from Hatta’s collection. By doing this, it is giving a sense of pride to the Muslim community still.

Globally, the Muslim fashion industry is trying to be noticed. Uniqlo and Dolce & Gabbana have been adopting Islamic styles of dress as well, showing off to Western countries that conventional clothing is cool. The concept of famous brands like D&G bringing in an array of new clothing and styles gives the Muslim religion a spot in the limelight. It is important for society everywhere to see the diverse variety that fashion offers to the world. There is talent everywhere, but not much of it gets to appear in front of a stage.

Uniqlo designed a clothing range by fashion head Hana Tajima aimed towards Muslim women before Ramadan starts because the holiday is a big shopping season. Muslim fashion differs from other countries such as Saudi Arabia that have the niqab, a face veil that only shows the eyes.

Indonesia has a goal of becoming big stars in the fashion industry based on the modest wear various designers are constructing. A good amount of Asian and Middle Eastern countries are emerging in the fashion industry, presenting audiences with tremendous craftsmanship and design skills. The Muslim population is growing so more fashion designers should be exhibiting their creations. It is not only Muslims that these countries are manufacturing clothing for either, they want their work to be provided to a multitude of target markets.

Hatta’s line features clothing that people who do not wear the hijab can wear, which makes it more inclusive to a wider audience. That way, the Muslim population and nonMuslim population do not feel subjected to a specific crowd.

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