My Top 3: Tattoo Artists

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My Top 3: Tattoo Artists

I’m the type of person who is driven by style. Art, in any form, is one of my favorite things. So, naturally, my Pinterest is filled with gorgeous tattoos of many different styles and shapes. My taste in tattoos is very feminine and vintage, but also unique. The artists listed below tattoo some of the most interesting and beautiful design styles I’ve seen.

  1. Dr. Woo

dr. woo tattoo

Photo Credit: Dr. Woo Instagram

Brian Woo, also known as Dr. Woo, works in LA and is one of the city’s most in-demand tattoo artists. He is known for black and white, intricate designs with a stunning degree of realism and creativity. He works out of West Hollywood’s Shamrock Social Club and has tattooed several celebrities including Rihanna.

  1. Tea Leigh

tea leigh (1)

Photo Credit: Tea Leigh Instagram

Tea Leigh is an illustrator who does tattoos in the old-fashioned hand-poked method rather than using a gun. While the process is slower, Leigh’s work shows the payoff. Her designs look like vintage pen and ink illustrations that one may find in a Victorian nature book.

  1. Sasha Unisex

sasha unisex 2

Photo Credit: Sasha Unisex Instagram

For those seeking modern, colorful, and playful designs, check out Sasha Unisex. Her art is inspired by watercolor and paints everything from flowers to animals to robots in bold, graphic colors. And if you’re a bit needle-shy, she also has a line of temporary tattoos to try.

I'm an avid reader and love writing more than anything. My favorite authors include Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, and J.K. Rowling. I love fashion, and though you'd never tell by looking at me, I'm a horror movie junkie. Painting is one of my talents, and my ultimate career goal is to be an author.

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