Nadia Aboulhosn: The New Fashion Inspiration


Meet Nadia Aboulhosn, a plus size model and fashion blogger who has been owning the internet style and body confidence movement with her website and work for She’s been featured in Italian Vogue and Lucky Magazine for her outfits, which flaunt her curves like no curves existed before.

Nadia doesn’t follow any fashion “rules,” and yet she obeys them all by looking incredible in whatever she wears. Whoever said that crop tops and leather pants were for ultra-skinny Prada models, obviously has not been doing their job.

Nadia wears everything, from sheer on sheer on sheer, to a black and white body con dress that would make anyone faint out of admiration. She wears all white, from form-fitting skirts to oversize sweaters. She also wears a periwinkle blue body con dress with cutout slices that leave little to the imagination.

As you can imagine, Nadia is very comfortable showing off her amazing body. She refutes the conventional assumptions that plus-size women should cover themselves up, or avoid certain colors or patterns. She says hello to winter whites and floral prints. Basically, tradition says that these gorgeous women should find ways to contort their bodies with what they wear, in order to appear smaller. Well ladies, now you can officially say goodbye to every piece of wrong advice given to anyone above a size six.

Nadia’s blog makes individuals want to buy all the clothes some were too nervous to wear before, even if they wanted to, because fashion is about self-expression, not hiding individual style.

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