Everyone from your favorite musician to movie star has an instagram with the “No Makeup” Selfie. Maybe they’re not off base after all.

When putting together your everyday makeup regiment, it’s important to not overload your face on a daily basis. Whether you’re hopelessly devoted to liquid foundation or a loose powder girl, it’s essential to remember that overloading your face with makeup on a daily basis causes acne and other unruly skin problems. Definitely not the way you want to start your summer!

It’s no secret that women enjoy making their eyes pop with the help of a loyal mascara and eyeliner combo. With Liquid, Automatic, Full Lashes, etc. in every color imaginable, complimenting the beauty of your eyes has become a way of life. However, the saying “less is more” is more relevant than ever with the subject matter. Mascara is incredible being used sparingly, but with long-term use on everyday basis women tend to loose their natural volume with their lashes. Give your eyes a break! Don’t overuse your eyeliner to the point where you cannot mentally see yourself without it.

Take the steps to protect your skin this season rather than overuse makeup on a continual basis. Finding skin regiment that has results for your skin is important and having a moisturizer that will hydrate your skin are both needed when dealing with the scorching heat. Instead of having mascara and eyeliner all the time, play with eye shadows! There are so many different shades and combos to play with, you’ll never be without options.

Show off your natural beauty this summer and keep your skin healthy while enjoying the season!




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