Last week, rumors and reports swirled about Naya Rivera being fired from Glee, after having a disagreement with the shows producers.
Many media outlets have reported that after Naya had expressed jealousy about Lea Michele being the star of the show and complaining that she was holding up filming, her contract was not renewed for season 6. Reports even went so far as saying that Naya’s trailer has been removed from the lot and her character was written out of the season five finale of the show. A source close to both stars told US magazine that Rivera and Michele talk behind each others back- a lot. The drama between the two is speculated to have started after Michele slept with Rivera’s ex-fiance, Big Sean prior to the couple calling off their engagement.

However, rep for Naya Rivera has told Hollywood Reporter, “Any reports or rumors that Naya Rivera was let go or fired from Glee are absolutely untrue. End of story.” Her spokesperson did not address the possibility of conflict between her client and Lea Michele. Although Naya’s character, Santana will not be appearing in the season 5 finale airing May 13, this has nothing to do with Lea as producers said no one actress would have the power in determining another’s fate on the show.
With conflicting reports, only time will tell if Naya Rivera will appear in season 6 of the show, scheduled to air this fall.

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