Popular supernatural themed show Grimm has been confirmed to be cancelled by NBC after the show’s sixth season. After the network announced the season six premiere date in a recent press release, stating that this coming January 6th 2017 is the show’s farewell season.

Season six is set to premiere thirteen new episodes for the season and will also give Grimm fans what they have been waiting for: the fight against the main protagonist Nick against big bad Captain Renard. After Nick has fought almost every supernatural force, the show’s hero must fight a foe that could put not only his life in jeopardy but his small family’s life in danger. To protect innocent people from a turbulent war with Captain Renard, who is now the elected mayor of Portland, Nick must ask help from a full force of strong allies.

David Greenwalt, Stephen Carpenter, and Jim Kouf were the team that created Grimm. Kouf and Greenwalt both served in the show as executive producers and showrunners. Producers of the show include Todd Mulliner of Hazy Mills productions, Sean Hayes, and Universal Television.

Grimm has been a steady Friday night show for NBC, creating over 100 episodes of supernatural drama since 2011. Since the first season, the average amount of viewers weekly ranged up to 6.3 million viewers and during the show’s second season the viewership raised to 7 million viewers. Grimm has transitioned from Monday to Friday to Tuesday timeslots since its emergence on NBC, but for its third season the show remained on Friday nights. During the show’s third season, Grimm has gained its highest viewership with over 8 million people watching new episodes weekly. Since then viewership has dipped to 6 million per week since its fifth season premiere.

Grimm has stealthy competition with NBC’s new show lineup of The New Celebrity Apprentice featuring new CEO host Arnold Schwarzenegger on January 2nd 2017 and also a new modern telling of the Wizard of Oz story, Emerald City on January 6th 2017.

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