NBC’s This Is Us plus-size actress Chrissy Metz commented while at the Paley Center Fall TV preview panel that her character’s story is important to be told.

Dan Fogelman is the new series showrunner and executive producer. Fogelman stated during the event that the show is meant to portray characters who are finding love and discovering the strong emotional ties within a family. The showrunner also expressed how the show is meant to display raw and realistic family dynamics and characters in the show.

The Emmy nominated actor Sterling K. Brown commented to the preview panel that his character’s troubles hit close to home. Brown stated that he personally lost his dad at a young age, which is similar to his character Randall who loses his dad early and has never met his biological father. Brown also stated that although he has a great family, job, and home, he still misses his father every day.

Sterling K. Brown continued to rave about the show, saying This is Us series is a good balance of light and darkness that is relatable to people who understand the dynamics of family and friends. He admitted the show tends to display the hopefulness of life instead of the negative, but he thinks that the show will provide an uplifting feel good message to all their viewers.

This is Us TV show also displays diverse characters and actresses that are suaully not seen on other networks. Chrissy Metz, who plays a plus-sized woman named Kate, commented that she was really excited to audition for her character because some networks are hesitant to have a plus sized lead character on their shows.

Metz also commented that she was proud to play a plus size character who not only has a love interest in the show, but is an attractive woman who is kind and sincere. Metz also commented that because woman these days are labeled so much by their size number; it is good for TV to show her character as an interesting woman who isn’t defined by her weight or what she wears. She ended her comment saying that because of this powerful representation, she thinks that her This is Us TV show character is an important story for all woman to hear.

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