New Designer Fragrance Smells like…Pollution?!


Comme des Garçons has created a new scent, made for the likes of both men and women! That’s right, the new Serpentine fragrance, sold for $94 is a unisex perfume, and was designed to honor the Serpentine Gallery’s added wing, named The Sackler Gallery.

The scent itself is reminiscent and in honor of Hyde Park – the location of new wing of the Serpentine Gallery, and is embodied in fragrance itself, as it has scents of grass, leaves, pollen, oxygen, asphalt and what the label describes as “a little bit of pollution”. Of course a metaphorical term, this “pollution” smell is a combination of various additional elements that resonate with anyone who would smell it. This “polluted” scent includes mixtures of juniper wood, gaiac wood, and benzion tree resin help inspire the essence of the London city, along with black musks and nutmeg. Nature meets pollution in this eccentric and enticing perfume.

The bottle and box, was designed by Tracey Emin, and is the first fragrance related project that she has been involved in. The decoration of the scent consists of simple, script lettering that reads: “The Grass, The Trees, The Lake, And You”, inviting you inside the world that realistic and artistic fragrance brings you into. What are you waiting for? Try it now!


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