Newest Miss USA Explains Her Controversial Pageant Response

Politics seems to be all the rage ever since Trump has become President. It seems that almost everything now has to do with politics and no industry can stay away from different political issues. We see politics in fashion, in business, and thanks to Trump, it is even prevalent in the world of pageantry.


Miss USA just recently crowned a new winner, Kara McCullough, and right away controversy was sparked. The reason for people having such an issue with the newest Miss USA is because of her opposing beliefs and two completely different issues; feminism and health care. Her delivery on the issues was spot on, but it was the content of what she said that got everyone talking; especially over social media.


During the 30-second question and answer part of the Miss USA pageant, McCullough said that health care was a privilege and not a right. She mentioned that she was a government employee, and for being one is granted health care. She feels that to have this privilege you should have a job.


After this all happened, Kara went on Good Morning American to explain herself better.  She mentioned that she is privileged to have health care and said she believes health care is a right and hopes in the future everyone throughout the world would be able to have this right.  Even though she cleared this controversy up, there was still another issue people had with her answer regarding feminism. She tried clearing up that she doesn’t identify herself as a “feminist” but as an equalist.


McCullough works as a scientist at the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission where she is in a male dominated work-force. She has spoken out numerous times about how important it is to support woman and girls in STEM – the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines; science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. She really wants to see women strive in every aspect of life and be able to view themselves as equals to men.


Aside from all this controversy, McCullough hopes to be a role model for all types of people and show that you can be anything you set your mind to. She strongly believes in showing her authentic self to the public and even went all natural with her hair for the pageant. Typically for pageants, the contestants do not go natural with their hair, most have stylists spending hours trying to get the perfect bounce and shine. She feels comfortable and beautiful in her natural hair and wants to show young women that you can do what makes yourself comfortable and not what other believe is right.


It is shocking to see how much the Miss USA pageant has changed throughout the years. Ten years go the contestants would most likely be asked questions regarding their favorite meal or workout routines and NOT about issues regarding politics. Trump seems to be a big reason that political issues have become a huge aspect of the competition.


Even though everything that happened with her answers caused controversy, Kara is excited to have gotten the conversation started. She feels the issue regarding feminism and health care are two subjects that should be promoted and talked more about.


Even though McCullough has no political agenda, she does not mind using her platform to discuss political issues. If there is an issue on her heart she is certainly not afraid to talk about it and be open. She is never scared to raise her voice If she truly believes in something strong enough.


As for all the backlash received from her pageant responses, McCullough expressed that in our world everyone has their own opinions. Especially now with social media, people are not afraid to express their beliefs online. We all have freedom of speech and freedom to tweet.

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