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what is next after instagram

What is Next After Instagram?

So far, the app itself has helped in its own downfall, but influencers seem to be right behind them- in helping them on their way out. So, what is next after Instagram? The major complaint about Instagram is that it has a slightly more sophisticated version of Ali Express. First, they threatened us all with removing likes, a development that…

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Meghan Markle says thanks to COVID-19 reaction laborers

Meghan Markle Prepares a Cake to Acknowledge COVID-19 Response Workers

Meghan Markle took an extraordinary step in appreciating COVID-19 response workers by baking them a gorgeous cake. Markle’s act was to honor Women’s History Month. According to the news, Markle’s thoughtful cake was a ‘lemon olive cake’ done with homegrown olives from her garden. Lunch was served with a message of appreciation to those assisting with conveying food amid the…

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Best high-end foundation for dry skin

Popular Fashion and Beauty Finds on Amazon

It’s no secret that Amazon is a go-to for many people’s fashion and beauty needs. The online super-retailer recently made headlines in the fashion world by releasing prime wardrobe along with features such as echo look. The website has even been named as the most popular clothing retailer amongst Americans. Most people have probably browsed Amazon at some point or another while…

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NY Fashion Week: Tom Foolery Clothing

Tom Foolery is a feminine clothing line designed by Shannon Ashford. Tom Foolery focuses on low-maintenance, sophisticated rompers that are easy to get through daily life in. Her designs are also made from sustainable, ethical materials. Her fabric is created from recycled water bottles in Haiti. She sews her designs together in a converted garage. The brand is partnered with…

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Eckhaus Latta Polishes up Uggs in New Collection

Saturday’s Eckhaus Latta show, per Vogue, showcased redesigned boots and mules influenced by the original Ugg boots. All shoes had a square toe as Mike Eckhaus prefers. The mules had upturned tongues. Ugg is a southern California company. Likewise, Zoe Latta is from California and places importance on eco-conscious products, re-purposing materials and utilizing deadstock. Ugg consciously makes use of…

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