Nicki Minaj Shows Emotional Side in New Song


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If there are two things you should know about rapper, Nicki Minaj, it’s that: she doesn’t do things small. When she commits to a project, she commits and puts everything she has into that piece of work. Second, she’s full of surprises. You may have thought you knew what was coming on her third album, ‘The Pink Print”, but you, like many, were probably surprised.

Nicki’s songs contain powerful messages that pack a punch. Her latest song, Pills n Positions, produced by Dr. Luke, is a beautiful ballad. The story is juxtaposed with rap verses and is sure to send chills up your spine. Nicki sings, “Pills n Positions, we’re overdosin’, can’t stand it, but I still love you.”

It’s refreshing to have a rap song that is so relatable. Nicki sings about the ability to distinguish who is actually your friend and who is only in it for their own benefit. One can only assume that with recent headlines about celebrities and teens overdosing while in the club scene, the rapper is trying to convey the toxicity in those relationships.

Knowing that Nicki doesn’t do things without reason, a fan asked her on Twitter, “Is there a message you want us to take away from Pills n Potions?” Her reply: “Yes,Ppl change. But love is forever.”

Nicki explained to her fans that the song is close to her heart, because it’s a true story, as is the rest of her album.



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