Nike’s New Sneakers Are Part of the Iridescent Trend

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As of late, the fashion world is having a major sneaker moment. Across runways, fast fashion brands, and department stores; people are hunting down the perfect kicks in order to achieve sneaker chic. The trend has reached such an extent that it is possible that sneakers are even outdoing heels as the go-to shoe for most fashionistas.

There is perhaps no one who knows this better than Nike. Aside from obviously being a go-to for athletic shoes, the sneaker brand has also held its own within the fashion industry through styles such as the classic new balance. They have recently made headlines by releasing a limited edition version of Air Jordans which have been approved by Anna Wintour.

But Nike’s newest release is eye-catching and mystical enough for anyone seeking to add an ethereal touch to their look. The Nike Pre O.X Sneakers are priced at $80, and marked by one noticeable detail; a big iridescent swoosh.

Pre Love O.X. Sneaker, Main, color, Summit White/ Summit White

The sneaker comes in two different designs, but both feature that unicorn-like shimmer. Essentially, everyone knows that shimmer has largely featured in recent trends, whether it’s in your highlighter or now your shoes. These new sneakers are perhaps the newest addition to the “Unicorn” trend.

With cushioned sole markers, one might make for a very comfortable unicorn indeed.

The shoes are already available, so anyone looking to get into the trend may want to check them out soon.

Featured Image via Nordstrom

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    • Corrada Spatola

      Like these so much just for the ombre pastel soles!

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