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The New Mexico Women’s Global Pathways (NMWGP) is hosting a fashion show with international flair. The Cultural Fusion Fashion Celebration will be at the Albuquerque Museum, held on January 15. Anyone interested in attending can buy tickets online for $30.

This is the first year that the organization has hosted this show, but it is intended to be an annual event.

The Cultural Fusion Fashion Celebration will showcase clothing designs created by people who have immigrated or who are refugees. This event will support the designers, as well as make a contribution to fashion, featuring the new World Fusion Wear clothing line.

World Fusion Wear will focus on multicultural designs, blending aesthetics and materials from different cultural traditions to create unique new looks, according to Alibi.

The show will also offer other cultural attractions. Food, performances, and artwork will all feature. There will also be clothing and accessories available for shopping, which the organization’s artisans have crafted.

The fashion show isn’t the only program the NMWGP hosts. The organization’s chief goal is to help disadvantaged refugees and immigrants gain financial stability and independence by equipping them with entrepreneurial and practical skills. They also stand against violence toward women and work to respect and maintain the cultures of their program participants. Many of those participants are girls and women who have survived disasters, attacks, or extreme disadvantages and poverty. About half of those who have completed the program run their own businesses.

Among the assistances the organization offers are English as a second language, sewing and crafting, and a community garden. Training in skills like handcrafting helps artisans develop a source of income, as well as provides an interactive social environment. Learning English makes it easier for students to get jobs.

The NMWGP is a nonprofit organization that currently does not receive funding. Donations are accepted to support their operations.

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