Now You Can Have Your Ice Cream And Eat It, Too

Kids, your summer is about to get a whole lot sweeter.

We all lived for the #MOIC Instagram craze. We saw the coming and going of Museum of Ice Cream New York, Los Angeles, and now San Francisco and Miami. Now, we’re about to get an extra scoop of fun with this new collaboration between the ice cream phenomenon and Target.

Museum of Ice Cream has been hyping up their big mystery announcement on their Instagram for weeks, and today, they have finally revealed it to the world: a partnership with Target’s for chlidren’s clothing line as part of their Art Class collection, along with their new series of ice cream pints to be sold in stores.

Image via Target

The exciting collaboration with the major retailer chain is enticing ice cream lovers all over America in two clever marketing moves: take-home ice cream to indulge in the MOIC trend without forking over $38 admission fee for the museum itself, as well as colorful fashion statements for the kiddies who keep begging you to take them back to the pastel sugar jungle. Fear not, parents and children: ice cream is here to cool off your sunny days wit ha little rainbow sprinkle. Summer is going to be one sticky, sweet mess.

The clothing collection includes both boys and girls’ casual wear in various Easter egg shades of pastel pink, mint green, yellow, and blue, following the general color scheme of the ice cream museum Gummy bear and banana prints from some of the most popular exhibits adorn socks, shirts, and pants. It’s a true pink paradise for children all around. Fashion-conscious five-year-olds can now channel their inner sprinkle and strut their cotton candy charm in Kindergarten classrooms.

Images via Target

MOIC’s introductory pints will come in seven original flavors in the exhibit’s true inventive fashion:

  • Vanillionaire (vanilla with wafer cookies)
  • Sprinkle Pool (vanilla with rainbow sprinkles)
  • Piñata (vanilla with iced animal cookies, frosted cupcake bites, fizzy cotton candies, and rainbow sprinkles)
  • Nana Banana (banana with salted caramel and almond butter swirls)
  • Churro Churro (cinnamon with churro bites)
  • Chocolate Crush (chocolate with milk chocolate flakes)
  • Cherrylicious (maraschino cherry with sugar cookie bites).

All of these flavors sound like a sugary heaven (and toothache) waiting to happen–just the kind of thing kids will love. Looks like there’ll be something for everyone to enjoy when this highly anticipated collab comes into store.

Image via Museum of Ice Cream

The children’s clothing line will be available on June 3rd, but the previews are already up on The pints are said to be available in Target by July, but if you live in New York City, you won’t have to wait that long. The Pint Shop, MOIC’s spinoff ice cream store, is opening on June 6th in downtown Manhattan. You can check out their Instagram until then to get updates and fun ice cream facts.

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