Obama Shows the World he has Style

Barack Obama may be out of office after eight years of serving as President, but that does not mean he has to step out of the public eye. Barack and Michelle Obama have been seen photographed on two different occasions recently since his leave form office. Obama is no longer under the title “Mr. President”, and along with this new self has brought forth a new person.
Being someone so high up in authority with so much responsibility can cause a lot of stress on someone, which could maybe have been seen through by is fast graying hair throughout the years in office. But just wait America, Obama is now a he is a free man and his new relaxed self can be seen through his new fashion styles he’s been sporting lately. Dare we say, he’s been sporting somewhat stylish and hip ensembles?
Maybe this fashion evolution could be from him just not wanting to be seen as being such of a serious person anymore. Or with having two teenage daughters, he could be trying to prove to them that he can be that “cool dad”. Whatever phase Obama is going through; he has defiantly changed up his style. When in office he could be seen sporting plain and boring suits all the time. But this new post presidency-style has definitely elevated him on the style list. So what has Barak been seen strutting around in lately that has caused such a buzz? The former president was seen out with wife Michelle donning a cool brown leather jacket and with some dark wash rather slimming jeans.
Again, maybe having two teenager’s daughters of his own could be a cause of this rather stylish fashion ensemble. His two girls could have had some say in helping their dad pick out the outfit. Do we really think he chose this leather jacket all on his own? Maybe Barak had this whole cool laid back fashion in him the entire time as President and was just fooling us but has now decided to let his cool side show? Being president lead to very hectic times for Barak so this new casual and relaxed back style shows how much free he is with this new life ahead of him. He no longer has to be that formal serious mad wearing the suits to take a stroll around town. Now he can be a “regular” person and portray more comfortable casual attire.
What can we expect next from this new laid back Obama fashion? Maybe some sweat suits, or a switch from the leather jacket to some cool leather pants? Okay, those assumptions might be too far (and highly unlikely that his daughters would let that happen) but now Barak has so much more freedom to express himself and sure he is going to be taking full advantage of the situation.
For now, all we can do is wait and see what Barack Obama has in store for us next. Maybe he will surprise us with even more awe-inspiring and up to date outfits, or maybe he will go back to rocking those dad jeans. Whichever Obama decides to do, it is nice for the public to be able to see him in a more relaxed state. The pressure of running the country is finally off his shoulders and now he can focus on spending quality time with his family. And who knows, maybe he’ll see all the talk about his knew fashion and spend some of his new found freedom at the mall. So keep your eyes out next time your shopping, the former Mr. President is showing he is full of surprises.

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