UPDATED: One Handsome Felon Goes Viral : Jeremy Meeks is The ‘Hot Convict’


On Wednesday, June 18, a 30-year old man was arrested on five weapons charges and one gang charge according to Officer Joseph Silva, a spokesman for Stockton Police Department, according to the Huffington Post. Nothing too out of the ordinary, right? Wrong. The Northern California convict, Jeremy Meeks, has become famous via various social media outlets, not for his crimes, but for his good looks. By Friday afternoon, the man’s mug shot attracted well over 65,000 “likes” and over 18,000 comments, mostly from women pining after the attractive young man. Admirers praised his caramel colored skin, striking icy blue eyes, and chiseled bone structure. Silva told Huffington Post, that he has “not seen that many likes for a photo before.” He also said that Meeks was “one of the most violent criminals in the Stockton area.” He was one of four to be arrested during ‘Operation Ceasefire,” a mission to alleviate the recent increase in crime in the area. Not only was the Stockton police unit involved, but so were the FBI, the U.S. Marshals Task Force, and other agencies. Comments on the photo call the felon “hot,”beautiful,and “sexy.” Twitter users have started the hashtag, #FreeJeremyMeeks. Some admirers have even gone so far as to photoshop his mug shot into a Calvin Klein ad campaign shot.

Jeremy Meeks - photoshop fashion photo -StyleFT

But wait, while most have admired his “good looks”, few have quickly discovered that he just proves that anyone can take a good picture with a good angle. Sometimes from the side or a full frontal view.  And you may just change your mind about  him after all when he opens his mouth to speak.   Jeremy Meeks -StyleFT


While the man might have a pretty face, he was still being held on $900,000 bail and his arraignment was scheduled for  Friday, June 20.

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