Across the board, mental health has been a taboo subject. While physical health has often been something the receives immediate attention, our mental well-being has often been something society has taught or encouraged us to neglect. After all, many have treated issues of mental health to be a sign of weakness; a point of shame. Across many different industries, the workplace has been an especially contentious point in the discussion of mental health, as it is a source of anxiety for many as they struggle to maintain a work-life balance.

This is perhaps very true for industries such as the fashion industry where, for those who choose to enter it, ambition runs high. But at what cost? That very drive that leads to fulfillment can become toxic and dangerous if left unchecked. The industry may, at last, be making efforts to address that. The Humans of Fashion Foundation plans to launch an app that will connect individuals in the fashion industry to licensed mental health professionals, pro bono lawyers if they need legal counsel, as well as a network of mentors.

The Humans of Fashion Foundation was founded as a means of combatting assault, misconduct, and mental health issues within the industry. It was founded by Kristina Romanova, who studied Fashion Law at Fordham University. Romanova has expressed her beliefs on the purpose of the app, stating “What the app does is connects users, whether they’re a makeup artist, stylist, designer, or fashion assistant to a therapist or lawyer and then you can schedule a call or in-person meeting.”

Romanova has said that when meeting with various people in the industry, she has found that many individuals would love to seek help; but are often held back by the thought of having to go through someone they know as they fear possible stigma or feelings of shame. “They don’t want to feel as though someone is passing judgment on them,” says Romanova. “This app provides a safe and confidential space.”

Featured Image via Pxhere/Public Domain

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