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Pastels are in fashion every year, but every year there are some shades that are a trend. This year, the blue, pink, yellow and lilac are in the news more intensely, without missing the other colors. How to wear pastels? There are many ways!

All you have to do is start with the safest options. Pastels belong to this category and at the same time are one of the biggest trends.

In white or black

Hues Of Black And White

If you feel insecure about how to combine pastel shades, there is a sure method. Choose the pastel shade that you like and flatters you and simply combine it with white or black.

Off-white printed maxi


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With a pair of black pants, a white t-shirt and a pastel light lilac shirt or coat you are in the spirit.


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Wear a cream dress and a pastel light blue coat or accessory or again a pair of black pants, a skirt, and a pastel pink top and you are ready! It is not that difficult.

In shades of blue


In shades of blue

The dynamics and popularity of blue is very strong this year as well. Its light shades go well with sunny days and are the ideal way for your first contact with pastel shades.

Blue Linen midi Dress


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The most modern way to wear pastel blue is to combine two tones, creating a total blue look, choosing the same color in your accessories or combining something white or earth tones.

Tender pink


Candy Pink

One of the colors that is at its peak this season is pink. We have encountered it in all shades from the softest to the most intense. Without a second thought, however, the pastel tones are just perfect!

Pink Floral Dress


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Girly or romantic, but also more dynamic and impressive. A luke full in pink romantic, is a way to express your femininity. You can simply choose a part of your look, such as a top, but we suggest you do not hesitate to create a total pink look.

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An appearance in pink, consists of shades that have little deviation from each other. These seemingly identical shades will be the detail that will make the difference. While depending on the style of clothes it is suitable from the morning until the most spectacular evening appearance!

The yellows and the lilac


Shades Of Yellow And Lilac

Our lilac comes from last year… while the yellow shines with its presence this year! The combination between them? We love him! On the one hand, yellow is one of the two “colors of the year 2021” and should not be missing from any woman’s wardrobe of this season!

Lilac Dress For Spring


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Hoody in Pastel Shades


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It gives amazing style and brightness, while on the other hand lilac will function as the ultimate complementary color for one of the most successful sets. But also create sets with light yellow and light blue or with lilac and light green with a touch of yellow!

Light green bright green


Shades Of Green

Bright green is one of the strong pastel colors of the season that you can put in your style and achieve chic & classic looks. Depending on how you combine it, you can give a romantic, classic or even rock mood to the overall result.

Floral pattern wrap around dress


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Faux leather dress


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Mixing… wants art!

Life in general and fashion in particular are for the adventurous. Do not be afraid to experiment and constantly try different things!

Choose your favorite pastel shades and wear them all together. For example, blue, purple and pink go well together. Pastel yellow goes well with Lilac and light blue, pastel pistachio goes well with light blue…

The other way for interesting mixes is the combination of pastel shades with stronger colors, for example a lilac with pink fuchsia or a pistachio set with strong fuchsia heels.

If you are looking for a neutral piece that will “unite” them all together, then a white t-shirt or shirt is what you are looking for!

And something else!

Shoes and other accessories in neutral tones make perfect… paired with pastel shades. Just because pastels are soft and discreet, neutral colors like beige, cream, very light gray complement them in a nice way. White or black accessories are just as suitable.

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