Penélope Cruz is Chanel’s Newest Ambassador

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Penélope Cruz attended Chanel’s haute couture show in Paris, on Tuesday. This was her first show as a brand ambassador for the house.

According to a 2018 Women’s Wear Daily report, the show was held in the Grand Palais, the set recreated the banks of the Seine, including the Bouquinistes, the term for the open-air bookseller stands dotted along the walls. They were manned by Brad Kroenig and his sons, Jameson and Hudson, Karl Lagerfeld’s godson who, like his father, is a regular on the Chanel runways.

“I’ve been a fan of fashion since I was 12 or 13. I’d get all the fashion magazines from my mum and would study them from beginning to end,” Cruz said, recalling Lagerfeld’s start at Chanel in 1983. “I remember the fascination from the beginning….It is so interesting to see what they have created; they’ve created a fantasy that has very solid roots because he’s a genius,” said Cruz, according to a 2018 Women’s Wear Daily report, pointing to the designer, who was greeting guests nearby.

“It’s not just the image and the fantasy; you look at every single thing he creates, he’s a true artist. There are only a few of them, on that level of creativity, and always reinventing themselves. I have so much admiration for him,” said the actress, who for her next film role will be playing Pedro Almodóvar’s mother when he was a child. “So it’s a pretty cool and interesting week for me,” added Cruz, wafting her invitation to try and stir up some air. “Going from Karl to Pedro back-to-back, it’s kind of amazing.”

On the runway, according to a 2018 Refinery29 report, the silhouettes were tight, framing bodies instead of extending them outward via tulle and chiffon — or all the things we love about the flou of a garment (made by the flouncy, party dressing arm of a couture atelier) — and hems were practical, no longer dragging behind or adding any unnecessary drama.

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