People Are Buying High Heeled Crocs

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Crocs’ is possibly the world’s most controversial shoe brand. So it is no shock that they recently released a high-heel version of its iconic clogs.

To everyone’s surprise, especially Twitter’s, the new $55 shoes have been flying off the shelves.

According to a 2018 Fast Company report, “Crocs launched as a brand focused on function and comfort. The brand’s founders wanted to create an amphibious boat shoe that could be used for outdoor sports, but the shoes quickly became must-have footwear for hospital and restaurant workers who were on their feet for hours every day. Over the last few years, however, the brand has been trying to win over the slightly more fashion-forward customer, with designs that looked nothing like the original chunky clog and designer collaborations with brands like Balenciaga, which had platform tricked-out versions of the clog. In fact, Crocs has actually made heeled versions of its shoes in the past.”

Of course, people on social media have something to say about this controversial shoe. Some people are making fun of them, while some are into it.

@_Anna_Davis tweeted on July 13, “now accepting donations via Venmo so I can fulfill my dreams of buying Crocs high heels.”

@ItsEmaly tweeted on July 15, “Didn’t think I’d actually see the day crocs makes high heels. What do I do when my best friend asks how we think they look with our bridesmaid’s dresses?”

@Chazmaxx tweeted on July 17, “They have made @Crocs high heels! There’s not enough emoji’s in the world to describe how this makes me feel, but it ain’t good… #WorldEmojiDay.

The croc high heels are available on Amazon.

While the Cyprus leopard heel, which is three inches high, is priced at $55. It also comes in black and gray, but both are available in limited sizes for $224.


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