After many long years of beautiful aesthetic couture, Céline’s creative director determined a definite move forward, leaving the esteemed label to a new artist. Céline has long since recovered from its declining end when Phoebe Philo, swooped in to save the brand and restore the French brand’s soft-spoken, feminine image. With Céline doing so well, LVMH, the multinational luxury corporate leader, and home to Céline, has begun their search for new designers to replace the influential Phoebe Philo. Phoebe has won several titles under her belt, particularly Time Magazine’s “100 Most Influential People of 2014”, as well as, “Obe,” an award by her majesty the Queen. CFDA has also awarded her “International Designer of the Year.”

LVMH certainly has large shoes to fill for the impending exit of Phoebe. Introduced in 2008, Phoebe has expanded with the brand, empowering Céline, a daunting task to restore a dying name. However, with her achievement, Céline must continue to thrive and survive in the French market, as she has worked so hard to do. “We categorically deny any imminent departure of Phoebe Philo from Céline,” shared a spokesman for LVMH. Céline has shown to be a servile French name for what women desire to be, refined and smoothly charming. This is perhaps the world of Phoebe Philo, as the Business of Fashion’s Top 500 Influential people.

Céline’s designs diversify the woman, shape-shifting with 2018’s Fall asymmetry and stiff structure, to the fluidity of the 2017’s collection. Phoebe has done it all, aesthetically clean, with fine lines, freshly chilled. Who knew minimalism made such an impact by the means of Phoebe’s signature essential? “I felt it was time for a more back-to-reality approach to fashion, clothes that are beautiful, strong, and have ideas, but with real life driving them.” And yes, Phoebe is aware her designs rocketed the replica Céline Phantom bags and luggage handbags, along with various sunglasses and clothing. All perks of success, perhaps.

With Céline as one of my favorite French names, I too am hoping their clean aesthetic doesn’t tarnish with the fast world of fashion and fads. We’re in hopes Céline will be taken care of, and possibly so, with potential replacements from Stella McCartney superseding Phoebe Philo. Design director Natasa Cagalj, now a part of Ports 1961, may be a runner-up, with her clean drawings reflecting Céline’s unfaltering image. Other considered designers are Michael Rider, design director of Céline ready-to-wear, as well as Ilaria Icardi, the design director at Victoria Beckham who was previously senior design director at YSL and Céline.

While Phoebe’s exit is distant at present, her depart is certain. But as the creator of the iconic French name, she may not leave until Céline is in good hands.

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