One would be lying if one said that 90s Nostalgia wasn’t in full swing. After all, the internet itself is littered with Friends references, choker necklaces, slip dresses etc. But one object of the decade in particular certainly tugs at people’s heartstrings, and that is toys like Polly Pocket. There are many who probably remember the miniature doll, that often came in a shell or heart compact, with fondness.

Well, now the fashion world has found another way to pay tribute to the decade, with a collaboration between British designer Mimi Wade and Polly Pocket. With the brand relaunching the iconic compacts, Wade will be releasing a collection composed of pastels, ruffles, and lace at Selfridges. Essentially, the pieces will be reminiscent of childhood fascinations while still maintaining an adult wearability.

Among the pieces to be awaited are baby doll dresses, lace embellished tees, and chunky jewelry that is reminiscent of the chunky plastic pieces worn by children. “I was fascinated by Polly Pocket as a child – being able to carry around a pastel-colored dream world in your pocket still remains a charming concept,” says Wade. “I was always designing my dream home heavily inspired by the different compacts she lived in; a fairy in a toadstool house, a cowgirl in her Texas stables, a mermaid living in a shell, a waitress in her own diner…”

Essentially, Wade is just pointing out what many people already knew as seven-year-olds; that Polly Pocket had some serious style. “The definitive message for me was that great things come in small packages. It’s about your character and attributes, rather than your physical stature. For this collaboration, I wanted to highlight the idea of Polly being this tiny adventurer, and when I came up with the graphics, I was thinking of films which play with the element of perspective like Honey I Shrunk the Kids, The Taste of Tea, The Borrowers, and The Land of the Giants.”

The Polly Pocket x Mimi Wade collection will launch exclusively at Selfridges Oxford Street and at on August 17th, 2018.

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