Platform shoes are back and more popular than ever. Chunky shoes have phased back into the fashion industry in the past two years. In fashion, this style seems to go in and out, last popular in 2014 and 2015, they are back and chunkier and better than ever. Here are popular platform shoes in 2021.

For one, there are more varieties, there are chunky heels, boots, and sneakers. And you can style them all according to your own taste.

Dr. Martens Chunky Boots

With luxury brands branching into this trend, that will hopefully stay. Chunky boots have become popular for all seasons. The number one that has built their popularity on a chunky shoe, Dr. Martens. Still seen as a good quality brand, but a little more accessible because of their price points being lower than Bottega or Fendi or any luxury brand that has delved into this trend. Recently, they introduced the Jadon Max women’s platform Boot. The highest platform in their roster to date. The quad is about 8 inches, made from full-grain, smooth leather and their signature shoelaces. 

Photo: Courtesy of Dr Martens

Tom Ford Disco Heel

After 2020, the Disco platform became popular after it went viral on social media. Available in velvet, and in python leather- the shoe is available in three colors; brown, black -being the most stunning color on this shoe and silver. This sandal is extremely high, and chances are, if you do not know how to walk in heels, then rather use these for a photo shoot, because you will fall and hurt yourself. These are the type of shoes that are so fun to wear if you know how. It epitomizes the Tom Ford brand, elegant, a little edgy and memorable.

Photo: Courtesy of Tom Ford

Prada Monolith Boots

Influenced by what shoes might look like in the future, Prada entered this trend in full force. They had their platform boot covered in sequins, velvet, fur, and nylon. Their Monolith re-nylon Gabardine booties and Brushed Rois leather and nylon Monolith boots have been popular among influencers, making them even one of the most coveted items for fall. These platforms are only available in black and white. Unlike the ones debuted at Milan Fashion Week in March. 

PRADA Monolith leather ankle boots to shop
Photo: Courtesy of Prada

Dior B23 High Top Sneaker

Available in the classic black and white Dior print, this sneaker went viral among women, especially. It has been restocked and each time they release it again; the prints are more interesting, like the oblique look it was given. Or the camouflage, military design. The traditional print is also available in different colors, such as light pink or in blue. Even though this is a Dior shoe, it can still be worn as an everyday sneaker. Most people who buy them often want an All-Star look and feel, but a more luxurious version. Kim Jones has been responsible for bringing this shoe to Dior, which he has received a lot of praise for along with his collaboration with Nike on the Air Jordan. The only difficulty now is actually getting a pair of either.

B23 Dior Oblique high top sneaker to shop
Photo: Courtesy of Dior
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