What is 3D Design?

By definition, “3D modeling is a blend of geometry and design that visually represents the images specific coordinates map out. Often, designs start as basic polygons that designers refine into complex shapes using the tools available in their chosen software.”  Think of Toy Story when it comes to cartoons or Avatar as a more realistic version, those were made using…

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fashion photographers

Five Upcoming Fashion Photographers

It is always exciting to see new faces in the fashion industry, especially when they bring something fresh or different to the table. Fashion photographers are an integral part of the fashion industry. So many go unrecognized unless they get their work in a major fashion magazine such as Vogue or Elle.  These five up and coming fashion photographers are…

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Marsai Martin: ‘No black pain when you step into my office’

Marsai Martin, announced her new up-and-coming show Saturdays, based on a competitive roller skater who has sickle cell anemia. Fascinated by the sport and aware of the fact she has never seen sickle cell highlighted in fiction positively, Marsai wanted to produce a show that combined both concepts, which is how Saturdays was born. Emphasis on the positive way these…

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made in chelsea cast

Made in Chelsea

Season 21 is here, finally. This is what you call a show. If you are not familiar with the drama masterpiece that is Made in Chelsea- you need to get into it. Immediately.  There are no words to describe the hilarity and the sheer champagne problems that these wealthy, please note the use of the word wealthy-not rich-rich white people…

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