Kim Jones

Kim Jones is the one man that has affected so many luxury brands that are currently enjoying the fruits of the legacy he has left behind during his tenure. He started off his career as a student at Central Saint Martins for his undergraduate degree. Upon graduating, John Galliano bought his collection. Not long after that, he started his own…

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10 Reasons how Red Light Therapy is Beneficial for Skin

Red light therapy is a non-invasive treatment that stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. It rejuvenates both the dermal and epidermal layers simultaneously, resulting in a younger-looking complexion within a brief span of time. Although there are several benefits to red light therapy for skin, it is best performed under professional supervision. Red Light Therapy  There…

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What is 3D Design?

By definition, “3D modeling is a blend of geometry and design that visually represents the images specific coordinates map out. Often, designs start as basic polygons that designers refine into complex shapes using the tools available in their chosen software.”  Think of Toy Story when it comes to cartoons or Avatar as a more realistic version, those were made using…

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fashion photographers

Five Upcoming Fashion Photographers

It is always exciting to see new faces in the fashion industry, especially when they bring something fresh or different to the table. Fashion photographers are an integral part of the fashion industry. So many go unrecognized unless they get their work in a major fashion magazine such as Vogue or Elle.  These five up and coming fashion photographers are…

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