Prada Men’s Spring 2019

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Many allusions to the past and motifs were borrowed from the art world on June 17, at the Prada Men’s Spring 2019 show in Milan.

According to a 2018 L’ Officiel report, models trotted down the runway in micro-shorts, which Miuccia Prada herself called “mini-skirts for men,” backstage. The most striking accent, however, came in the form of 60s psychedelic prints in a more obvious nod to the era of sexual emancipation. There was a play on gender stereotypes, mainly what is usually considered “feminine” (showing off the legs, tight silhouettes, drapery)  versus what can be seen as traditionally masculine (slightly exaggerated silhouettes, jackets, et. al).  All in all, a glorious gender perception fuck set to the tune of “Sexy Boy” by French music duo Air.

According to a 2018 Women’s Wear Daily report, Prada said she was seeking a “more elegant” style for her man, something youthful yet discreet, adding that she’s fed up with baggy sportswear and streetwear. “The silhouette is very lean, clean and elegant,” she said before the show. “I’ve put a lot of different pieces together — serious ones, fun ones, all sorts — but the goal was to construct, to define a youthful, contemporary elegance. They’re simple pieces, and I wanted them to make sense.”

She took a similar tack with the accessories, which ranged from nylon sacks with drawstring ties to big leather weekenders and smaller shoulder bags. Models held them with an iron grip over one shoulder as if to say, “No one’s snatching this Prada, baby,” as they walked past guests who were perched on big, transparent inflatable cubes, a special rendition of the Sixties creation by Verner Panton, according to a 2018 Women’s Wear Daily report.

The collection included turtleneck tops, and zip-front track jackets with a synthetic sheen. As well as the bright, flowery and psychedelic to the logo-ed, a carryover from last season when the designer experimented with new ways to say “Prada.”

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