Priyanka Chopra Posts Adorable Photos of Daughter’s First Hike

Priyanka Chopra Posts Adorable Photos

Malti Marie, daughter of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas, took her first trek not long ago, and the whole family enjoyed the occasion! This week, the toddler—who became a legitimate Angeleno after turning two last month—took a hike around Topanga State Park.

Taking to Instagram on Wednesday, Chopra shared a heartwarming photo dump documenting the precious moment the mother and daughter shared. On the first slide, we see Malti standing on a bridge made of wood and iron, staring out into the verdant foliage. He is wearing a sweatshirt with a cheetah design, black jeans, and boots that match. In a another photo, Malti is seen playing in the dirt beside a companion. You can see them sitting on the trail and enjoying a juice box in another shot.

Cute footage of Malti strolling on the walkway and bridge were posted by Chopra. One of the films even showed Chopra holding Malti’s little hand near to the car window.

Adding the remark “The magic of nature,” Chopra shared the photographs. “Our first outdoor adventure together. She stomped in puddles until she was knee-deep in mud and touched everything she could find. She brings a touch of enchantment into my life every day, and to see her experience things for the first time in real time is just icing on the cake.

The touching post gives readers a sneak peek at this unique journey shared by a mother and her daughter. We are reminded of the simple pleasures of trekking and enjoying the outdoors by Malti’s wide-eyed amazement at the natural world.

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