Professional Attire for the Fashionistas Without Breaking the Bank


When landing that first job on your career path, the idea of “appropriate attire” can mentally limit the selection of cute clothes from your work wardrobe. No worries, there are many different styling options for the business savvy fashionistas without breaking the bank.

A major essential piece to your professional wardrobe is a few pairs of neutral slacks. They are timeless for the business look and can be a pallet to play with different tops and accessories. You can find neutral slacks in any retail store. Another bottom piece for the bolder fashionista’s is the high waist, knee length skirt. Not quite as comfortable, but without a doubt the definition of a professional. Mixing the look with different types of hosiery and tights can make a few skirts look like an entire wardrobe.

When finding tops for work, you can never go wrong with a basic button down. There are many patterns and styles for the more bold individuals and can be accessorized with jewelry and scarves. You won’t be the stuffy librarian! For the more casual work environment, the blouses that have a scoop neckline and more flowing sleeves are cute and comfortable for those long days in the office. Good news, any of these options can be found at any retail store as well. You can search your department store sales or even your local clothing outlet.

One of the most important shopping trips for the work wardrobe is looking for the right shoes. How strenuous of a process! Appropriate work shoes can depend on the type of professional work environment you’re in and how much movement you’re doing throughout the day. In more of a “creative arts” office, one can play with bolder shoes and, if comfortable enough, a higher heel. In more of the standard office environments, finding a low black pump or flat can work with any outfit combination and won’t kill your feet by the end of the day, Win! Spending a little extra money for the comfortable stylish shoe is definitely recommended. Take the money you saved from the rest of your wardrobe purchases and put it towards good shoes.

With these tips in mind on your shopping venture, you’re prepped and ready for the first day at the office, fashionista!




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