Hipster Wardrobe for Skaters

There’s an underground group of people determined to stand out at any cost and remain as original as humanly possible. That’s right, you see them at Starbucks reading fine literature and discussing local bands. The hipster trend has swept the nation. The diligently construed “carefree” look has been a facet in retail stores, and local second hand shops have definitely felt the increase of consumerism. So, you’re interested in the hipster fashion, but unsure of exactly how to build a wardrobe? Here are a few tips.

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The hipster fashion is nothing without having a plethora of t-shirts and tanks with sayings and pictures that you think are clever. It’s similar to looking at your humor board on Pinterest and putting that on a shirt. Band t-shirts are definitely a part of the wardrobe, but only musicians you actually are a fan of. Don’t be the poser who gets a Ramones t-shirt and doesn’t even know one song. You will be mocked mercilessly.

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As far as bottoms, that’s where you can really play around with different ideas. In the wintertime, you can have jeans and leggings but also wear your summer shorts with tights. Leggings and tights are a hipster’s best friend and will be one to your wallet as well. They make each outfit different for little cost. In the summer, you can wear shorts and short overalls.

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Other smaller parts to a hipster wardrobe are some skater dresses. They can be worn year round with leggings. Shoes are defined in the hipster world as combat boots and vans/converse of any kind.

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Accessories are an important part of the hipster wardrobe. Hats – beanies to snapbacks and jewelry that describes your personality.  Please do the world a favor and don’t purchase glasses unless your vision is legitimately impaired. A final touch to the hipster wardrobe is a nice pair of shades and a messenger bag of some sort.

$45 Available at UrbanOutfitters.com

When it comes to where to shop, places such as Spencer’s, Pac Sun, Hot Topic, etc. have quite a variety of shirts. For online shoppers, Tee Island is a UK store that has some really cute beanies and shirts. The best places to shop though are your local second hand stores and use your creativity to put outfits together. Good luck on your search!


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