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R. Kelly has made many feel uncomfortable over the years. Given his recent tweet, the “I Believe I Can Fly” singer did not quite understand the message. On Twitter, he captioned a photo covered in the word “no” and a single “yes.” He tweeted, “All it takes is one ‘yes’ to change your life.” We are sure his public relations team is having a field day given the circumstances. People bashed him on the social media site calling him out for being a creep to say the least.

R. Kelly has been the center of media attention for weeks now. The rapper has been found to have a “sex cult” where he coerces girls and holds them against their will. An alleged confidant said, “R. Kelly could be in real trouble if the feds begin investigating him.” The confidant continued stating, “What they find could put him away for a long time!” The informant also mentioned that R. Kelly’s sex dungeon was “heavily guarded,” and that he forced underage girls to participate in orgies and fetish spankings there.

Jim DeRogatis, who wrote about the allegations that R. Kelly faced previously, said, “the law says that consenting adults may take part in any relationship they want, no matter how nontraditional. Welfare checks by police in both Illinois and Georgia in the past year didn’t lead to any charges; in January, the aspiring singer from Georgia told Cook County police she was ‘fine and did not want to be bothered.”

Jim DeRogatis also added, “I think in the history of rock ‘n’ roll, rock music, or pop culture people misbehaving and behaving badly sexually with young women, rare is the amount of evidence compiled against anyone apart from R. Kelly.” DeRogatis went on to say that there are “dozens of girls not one, not two, dozens with harrowing lawsuits.”

In regards to his shocking sexual misconduct allegations, K. Michelle, who used to work with R. Kelly, said, “I’m not surprised by them, I’m actually going to be speaking more about it because I do feel like it’s my obligation as a woman to tell the truth and to do right by other females that are in the business and all these young women who don’t have a voice.” She added, “So it’s been something that’s been toying and been really stressing me and I’ve been going back and forth with how to speak about it and how to do right for those girls and read some comments about one of the accusers.”

She continued, “I went to a blog and I saw women tearing this little girl up. And it immediately brought tears to my eyes because I remember what that was like trying to tell about my abuse.” The artist went on to say, “I’ve dealt with other abuse and I tried to tell, but when I was telling people were calling me a liar, they were bashing me, they were telling me I was hateful.” She continued, “To read those comments about these women, these young women, these little girls and how people were so naïve to reality or just didn’t give a fuck about the reality and to call these little girls liars and to really take them down, is something I don’t really know right now if I’m willing to stand aside and watch it happen.”

K. Michelle added, “But I can honestly tell you right now that I have yet to find the proper platform and the proper way to protect and voice my support for these women. I’m not here to bash, but right is right and wrong is wrong. That’s all I can really say right now.”

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