Rachel Roy Wins Preliminary Injunction, Bringing Lawsuit Against Jones Group to Trial


Rachel Roy’s lawsuit against Jones Group will be going to trial, as of last night. The company, who has a 50% stake in Rachel Roy, suddenly stopped producing her label in March, as they’ve made public that her line was no within the Jones’s overall plan. Instead, they tried to sell her brands to Bluestar Alliance and make their own profits from those sales. Willing a preliminary injunction in the New York Supreme Court, however, has halted those plans, as it now has the strength and potential to go to court. That is, unless the case is settled before getting that far.

On Friday, Roy said “I am pleased with today’s ruling and that the Court has recognized my rights to creative control and approval over the designs and licenses for my brand.” The injunction is set in place to stop Jones from selling Roy’s brands, as it is not theirs to sell, as well as allows Roy to continue fulfilling her duties of creative director of her brand.

After all, why shouldn’t she? She’s been able to successfully prove irreparable harm and likelihood of success of her label in court. Even if she couldn’t, what company in their right mind attempt to sell someone else’s brand if they are mere shareholders?! Kudos, Rachel – don’t go down without a fight!


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