Raf Simmons Inspired by Frat Boy Fashion

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As the fashion world turns its attention to Paris for Men’s Fashion Week, an interesting collection has made its way down the catwalk. Belgian fashion designer, Raf Simons, showcased his menswear collection last night. The venue was secluded from the rest of the fashion week hub, as it was 40 minutes away from where most other shows were being held.

Simons’s past collections have focused on re-imaginings of things such as American denim, this one seems to be the most creative. Simons’s newest collection seems to be inspired by the stereotypical frat boy, beer cans and all. Models could be seen walking down the runway with six-packs in tow.

Simons commented: “It’s like when kids hang out, carrying their six-pack of beers their six pack of beers.”

Simons’s designs seemed like a step away from the rest of men’s fashion at the moment. At a time when much of the high fashion world seems obsessed with streetwear, often sticking to things like sneakers and graphic prints, Simons’s new collection seems much more centered on classical notions of men’s wear.

However, as most know, the world of high fashion moves fast. Once a style becomes popular, it may remain so among retailers and shoppers. However, on the runway, it usually isn’t long until designers are itching for something new.

Simons is nothing if not an experimental type and was technically among those who first pioneered the streetwear trend. He even acknowledged it, stating “I know I was part of it myself, but too many hoodies with prints! You know, something needs to shift.”

For Simons, this new shift came in icy blues, deep greens, and bright yellows. The beers were either carried in the plastic rings they usually come in, or they were held in sheets of leather. Later on, the plastic rings were even fashioned into tank tops. Simons says its “like Paco, Rabanne,” the designer went on to state, recalling the linked disc dresses of the 1960s.

Overall, it seems that Simons’s collection is certainly original. Who knows? Perhaps cans will replace purses.

Featured Image via Pixabay/Clker-Free-Vector-Images

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