The collection launched in early August and is available online and in certain retail stores.

Rahua Amazon Beauty has prides themselves on their vegan, chemical free products, and now they’ve expanded their hair care range even more.

With things like their regular shampoo, voluminous shampoo, conditioner and hair protector, Rahua seemed to have all the hair care bases covered. While also being great for your hair, they manage to keep their products earth-friendly. According to Rahua,

“We at Amazon Beauty share their reverence for the rainforest and its indigenous cultures. Our Rahua and unguarahua oils are sourced and processed by these women and men in accordance with the traditional methods that have been passed down for generations.”

But that wasn’t enough for the all-natural based beauty line. The line was made available as of early August, and part of the launch included a Rahua Defining Hair Spray and the Voluminous Dry Shampoo.

According to Space NK the dry shampoo, “is aerosol-free in a recyclable, eco-squeeze dispenser. Age-old plant and mineral based ingredients work together to absorb oil, sweat and dirt that accumulate throughout the day. Hair is left voluminous and refreshed, with a light, clean scent.”

While people with darker hair might be worried about using the dry shampoo because of its tendency to look grey if not applied right, this product is great to use with all hair colors.

To use this product, spray it onto the roots and crown of your head and work it down with your fingers, making sure to reach all of the spots where oil and dirt are most prominent.

Although some of their hair care products, such as their conditioner, promise to help style your hair with “medium hold”, they’ve yet to launch products specifically geared towards styling. Chief Executive Officer and Cofounder of Rahua, Fabian Lliguin, told Women’s Wear Daily,

“We are working on more innovate [styling] formulas. We hear from our prestige salon partners, stylists and our luxury customers worldwide asking for more specific natural and organize styling products.”

The other hair styling product to be released along with the dry shampoo is the defining hair spray. It has a medium hold and the product dries quickly.

According to, “Rahua Defining Hair Spray creates definition, hold and lasting, touchable style. This brushable spray allows for re-styling throughout the day, but the hold is strong enough to use with any type of styling device, from high-tech to low-tech.”

This product is vegan and gluten free, helps keep your hair protected from the sun, locks in color and fights frizz. It should first be sprayed into your hair and used style and tame your hair.

This product is available online for for $37.

The Rahua Defining Hair Spray should not be confused with the Rahua Voluminous Spray, which is supposed to help add a natural volume to your hair from the scalp down and is only $10.50.

However, Rahua encourages the use of their other products such as Rahua Conditioner; a multi-use product which can be applied in the shower and rinsed out, or used as a styling cream. This products works great with color treated hair, and features their popular ingredient Rahua-Ungurahua.

Some of the Rahua products are also available through Barneys New York, Net-a-porter and ABC Carpet.

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