Street Style: What are the Real “GIRLS” of Brooklyn wearing?

Street style. A look into the life of real everyday women in Brooklyn. How accurate is the hit TV show in comparison to the everyday life of a real Brooklyn girl?

Once you step of the G or L trains you are transported to a land of eclectic treasures, bohemian bliss and some of the most creative individuals. For those of you currently not living in New York City who happen to be a fan of HBO’s hit TV series “Girls” you may be wondering to yourself is that what life is really like living in NYC? Today we are taking it to the streets to one of the cities greatest boroughs to speak to a real Brooklyn woman and spot some local street style.

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Our top editors give you the stories, recommendations and honest reviews you need and want - delivered right to your inbox.

We caught up  with Maia Janee who resides in East Williamsburg. Maia is a 28 year old aspiring fiction novel writer. She is currently working on a supernatural novel. Watch out world! This saucy little lady is one to keep an eye out for.

Q: “Hello Maia how are you today?”

A: “I’m great enjoying this beautiful weather.”

Q: “Do you watch the HBO show Girls or have you ever seen an episode”?

A: “Yes, I have seen that silly show.” “I call it a downgraded version of sex in the city”. “LOL, no disrespect to Ms. Dunham and her craft, she is brilliant and I do find the show entertaining.” “I feel that Sex and the City is the more romantic version of what women dream life would be like in the city.” “They are all super successful.” “However, with Girls you have that whole dynamic of these young women who are all trying to make it in life and be that successful person they dream of which is definitely a lot more relatable to our generation today.”

Q: “In your opinion do you believe the characters in this show are truly living the real Brooklyn experience”? “Or the true NY experience for that matter?”

A: “They are if their parents are paying for it”. “LOL”. “What some people fail to realize is that Girls isn’t a handbook for women living in Brooklyn it’s just a show.”

Q: Excellent Point! Do you feel that any of the characters are relatable to you?

A: “I think just being a young adult in general, navigating through life everyone can relate to.” “Hannah, Marnie, Shoshana and Jessa all have dreams and desires not that different from us.” “I think everyone has had a moment where they can relate to each of these characters.”

Q: “Is there any character whose style you like most or you think resembles your own?”

A:  “Resembles my style no, but as far as like I would have to say Jessa.” “She has that eclectic bohemian style.”

Q: “How would you best describe your style?”

A: “Thrift Store Chic.”

Q: “So would you say that you are a budget conscious individual who wants to look stylish without spending too much?”

A: “Hell yeah!”” You have to be to live in this city”.

Q: “What is the best advice you could give to young women looking to move to N.Y.C?”

A: “I would tell them to not feed into this fantasy image TV shows sell you”. “Do not set unrealistic expectations and believe that all your dreams will come true and everything will just fall into place like magic just by moving here.” “NY is a tough place to live!” “In order to make it here you must be strong willed, tenacious, and hardworking.” “Life is very fast paced here, remember just like any other place N.Y.C has its ups and downs.”

Thank you Maia, now let’s check out some of Brooklyn’s ladies street style.

image via statigram LtrainVintage @Lulibadass
via Instagram MaiaJanee
via Instagram MaiaJanee

Image via statigram @Ltrain Vintage Stylish Brooklyn lady


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