Reasons and Tips to Look Glamorous at 40

Fashion in your 40s

Looking glamorous at 40 years old is a task not only for the celebs. It is something you can definitely do too! Looking glamorous at 40 doesn’t mean you have to go over the top. It means looking fresh and feeling confident about yourself. If this sounds like what you are after finding out 8 reasons, now’s the time  to look glamorous at 40.

You Learned your Fashion Mistakes

Many of us ladies made fashion mistakes when we were younger – with some understatement here – but these days most people know what colors they look best in, which cuts fit their body shape best, and so on. When you already had some mishaps with fashion earlier in life, there is no need to make them again, so now is the perfect time to learn about your fashion mistakes and avoid them.

You Know Yourself

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The earlier you may have been in a relationship, the less you probably know about yourself. Now that you are 40, something amazing happened – YOU! And who knows you better than yourself?? So by now, you should definitely know what makes you feel best, what your preferences are with clothes, etc. When this is all clear for you, it will be much easier to style yourself in the most glamorous way possible.

Less Pressure from Society

People tend to ‘mature’ as they age, meaning that at least certain parts of society become more tolerant towards people with an alternative lifestyle or appearance. Nowadays, it’s not very strange anymore to see a woman in her 40s wearing something other than a miniskirt, so there’s much more freedom these days.

You Already Know the Ropes

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You have been identifying yourself with certain groups of people or styles for such a long time now that you might even feel lost without their support because that made you feel good about yourself for all those years. That is great news though since it means you already know the ropes with style and glamour!

No Competition from Younger People Anymore

As we grow older, we stop thinking about our age group as much as we did before. In your 20s you could easily compare yourself with everyone who was at least 5 years younger than you, but now you don’t really care anymore all that much. Now that the competition is gone its time for you to shine and feel great about yourself!

You are Secure with Yourself

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You know who you are, what your strengths and weaknesses are, and this doesn’t change depending on whether or not someone is nearby. This feeling of security regarding yourself will make sure that others (like men) can feel at ease around you too, which will make them want to stay close by. And isn’t this how every woman wants her man to act?

You Don’t Have to Follow Any Fashion Rules

When we were teenagers, everybody told us that there was a certain way of dressing up – or not dressing up at all – that was appropriate for our age. Of course, if you’re lucky to still be young these days, these rules might still apply to you, but 40-year-olds are mostly in charge of their own style and this can define who they are and how others see them.

You Want People to Respect your Age

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Sometimes we feel like we should hide or even deny our age just because we don’t want people to judge us according to what ‘should be the case with our age group. The problem with this way of thinking is that it will only make everyone uncomfortable around you since nobody knows how they should act when talking with someone much older or younger than themselves. Honesty is the best policy!

You’re 40, now what? Well, you know it already, regardless of whether this is your first decade as a forty-something or not. It’s time to feel glamorous and celebrate your age. You have so much more to offer than just wearing a mini skirt again, which is definitely a good thing! What makes women really attractive, regardless of their age, is being confident about themselves. So own those 40s glamorously!”

Now that you know why you should look glamorous at 40, let’s move on to 6 tips for keeping with the latest trends while dressing up for this age group.

Dress Under your Body Type

If you are tall, then wear long coats or dresses, especially when it gets colder outside. You don’t want to feel like a tree stump since you will feel less glamorous that way. The same thing goes for shorter women who should always go for knee-length maxi dresses or skirts, something that won’t make them look even shorter than they already are!

Keep your Outfits Simple and Classy

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When dressing up for occasions such as a party or a dinner date it is best to keep things simple so you can look chic and classy without going overboard with accessories etc. It is better to have a classy dress on which you can add some classy accessories and high heels instead of having a dress that is too flashy and wears too many accessories. Of course, there are always exceptions to this rule!

Don’t Be Afraid to Wear Colorful Outfits

If you like wearing black all the time, then continue doing so as long as it makes you feel comfortable and glamorous. However, if color is more your thing, do not hesitate; experiment with bold colored outfits even though they might seem out of place sometimes. You also don’t have to buy something new: just find an accessory or two in a different color than usual and the job will be done! Just make sure you look perfect from head to toe when going for this daring approach.

Work Out the Right Way

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There is nothing like staying fit and looking glamorous at any age. Hence, work out in the gym to stay fit and fab. Start with some skincare treatments that will freshen up your skin tone without making it lose its natural glow or radiance. Follow these tips on how to look glamorous at 40 for enjoying significant results.

Maintain your Personal Hygiene Levels

One of the most important factors for looking glamorous at any age is maintaining personal hygiene levels. Always keep yourself clean by taking a bath regularly, washing your hair every alternate day, brushing twice a day, and changing clothes daily. You can also carry pocket deodorants with you wherever you go to give a good fragrance to your body.

Taking care of your skin tone is another great tip on how to look glamorous at 40. You use sunscreen creams daily before going out in the sun as it protects skin from sun damage and reduces tanning.

Wear Makeup Only When Needed

Wearing too much makeup can make you look older than what you actually are, whereas not wearing any can leave a dull impression on others about your looks. Hence, choose the right type of cosmetics for yourself, either very light or very heavy, and carry them with you wherever you go to attend parties and other gatherings without making a faux pa.

Keep your Hairstyle in Check

Changing your hairstyle at 40 will make you look younger and help you carry yourself with more confidence. You can keep your long hair trimmed regularly, wear up doos or even ponytails, carry braids if you like them, etc. These are some great ways for how to look glamorous at 40 with little ado!

Avoiding Oily Skin Care Products

It is advisable to use oil-free skincare products because using too many chemicals on the face can reduce its natural glow and radiance. Hence, you should always choose herbal oils like almond oil, jojoba oil, or grapeseed oil for moisturizing your face and keeping it young forever.

There is nothing more satisfying than getting noticed for your new stunning look that reflects grace and glamor. However, looking gorgeous isn’t as tough as it seems because there are some easy tricks one can apply on their own involving no professional help.

If you are someone looking for beauty tips on how to remain glamorous at 40, then try following two suggestions mentioned above and enjoy looking as young as you feel!

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