Via flickr/ N!(K -- loveforphotography --

You’ve been seeing this guy for a while now, and though it was not said or asked you assumed the two of you were together. However, you soon discover that he is also seeing someone else! Don’t become too invested into someone before determining if you are a couple or just a warm body at night.


Via flickr/ Troy Tolley
Via flickr/ Troy Tolley

While in a relationship you are supposed to know and be comforted in knowing that you are exclusively together. It may sound juvenile, but if you are not asked, or if you do not bring up the question “Want to be my boyfriend/girlfriend?”, then the space in between the lines will not be read. Speak up and make whatever it is that you want known and solidified. If they want to pursue a relationship and actually ask you out and vice versa, then there should not be any crossed lines as to what you are.


Via flickr/  vincent Angler
Via flickr/ vincent Angler

However, the signs of a situationship are pretty obvious. Most people just would rather ignore them, but if you truly do not know, please do not fret. If all you two have is sex whenever and wherever, and nothing more, then you are in a situationship. He or she probably does not want a relationship, just sex. Think about it; do you guys go on dates? How about snuggle up with each other at night? If not. it is because you are not there for that. You are there for sexual pleasure.

If you want a possible relationship, you need to speak up; however, if you’re happy as it is, then you can just enjoy it while it lasts.

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