Remove These 10 Foods for a Healthy Diet

Looking to start eating more healthy? Well I bet you did not know of these 10 foods most are consuming daily without realizing how detrimental they are to their diet.

1. Soda

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Our top editors give you the stories, recommendations and honest reviews you need and want - delivered right to your inbox.

Yes even the diet kind! Which can actually be worse with the artificial sweeteners used in them. Not only will it cause weight gain, but other health problems like diabetes and heart disease according to nutritionist Jim White. It also can cause aging as severe as smoking will cause said the American Journal of Public Health.

2. Sugary


The marshmallow rainbows may be “magically delicious” but they are not a great start to your morning. With such high sugar content there is not much nutritional value and this will leave you feeling sluggish by the middle of the day.

3. The “Frappuccino”

Coffee has many added benefits and a cup a day can keep you away from some diseases and not to mention keep you energized. But when buying a blended drink, chances are there is an excessive amount of sugar added to the drink, not accounting the whip cream on top, and all the health benefits are then depleted.

4. Margarine

What you thought to be a healthy alternative to butter is higher in trans fat, worse than the natural saturated fats found in butter. High trans fat can cause heart disease and diabetes.


Toaster Pastries

An easy grab and go breakfast or snack and also an easy way to gain weight. They are high in everything you do not want for breakfast, sugar and trans fat, and low in everything you do want like protein and fiber.



Another quick and easy breakfast item and found way too many times in the break rooms at the office. Try your best to resist! This little deep fried doughs will set you back more than 400 calories in sugar and fat and will not keep you full for long.

7. Bagels

So tasty, but if you thought your sandwich bread was too much carbs just imagine four times that amount in your bagel. Just like the donut, in just a small serving you will be consuming up to 400 calories. And that does not account for the cream cheese you add to it.



Microwave Popcorn

The perfect movie watching snack can be healthy without all the butter flavoring in most microwaved popcorn packages. The butter flavoring in the package can actually cause lung disease according to research found by Brown University.


Fast Food Burger

After a long or busy day, fast food may seem like the cheapest and easiest choice. I think we all know fast food is not good for us, but burgers are the worst. They only contain 2.1 to at most 14.8 percent of real meat the other percent is water, connective tissue, blood vessels, nerves, fat, cartilage, and, in some, even parasites.


Processed Meat

Think twice about the meat you purchase at the grocery store. You may think you are eating a healthy piece of grilled chicken, but you are actually eating heavily processed meat filled with preservatives and sodium. They can actually be lower in protein as well. So try for lean cuts of meat that are organic and not processed.

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