Revamp Your Wardrobe With These Simple Steps



Have you gotten to the point where you open up your closet and hate everything inside? Instead of throwing out once loved pieces and buying new, revamp the old into something cool that you can still wear all summer! Revamping your clothes is really simple and adds a unique twist to pieces that may be owned by a lot of people that you know. Here are some ways to help you love your clothes again:

1. Tired of your basic solid color sundresses? Get fabric paint and dip-dye the bottom.

2. Buy a bunch of different fabric prints and sew pockets onto your dresses. This makes for a unique look, plus now you have a place to store your cell phone without having to carry around a purse.

3. So many of us unintentionally have a t-shirt collection. Free t-shirts from school, events that we’ve attended. Not many out of the collection actually get worn. Cut up old t-shirts into different styles. Cut the sleeves and the collar off and use as a gym tank. Use the extra fabric to tie the sleeves together to make a racer back tank.

4. Ripped jeans are an overused trend. Switch it up and sew lace or a fabric print to cover up the tears in your once loved ripped boyfriend jeans.

5. Cut worn out jeans into adorable high-waisted shorts that you can wear all summer long at the beach.

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