Robin McGraw unveils a new ASPIRE app for Victims of abuse – WATCH NOW!

Robin McGraw unveils a new ASPIRE app for Victims of abuse

Victims of abuse have a new advocate – Dr. Phil’s wife, Robin McGraw! Her new foundation, When Georgia Smiled, The Robin McGraw Revelation Foundation, was designed to educated and help victims of abuse and domestic violence.

Her new app is called the ASPIRE News App. This app is designed to help the victims of abuse become more educated; helping them locate shelters, help services, and other important articles and tools that they may need. It links to McGraw’s foundation site, When Georgia Smiled, with curriculum on violence, which is available with separate curriculums for teens, young adults and adults, and it offered in both English and Spanish.

This app is disguised as home screen so that if the victim’s abuser takes the phone, it would not cause suspicion. However, if the victim feels unsafe or is in an abusive situation, there is a “Go” button for them to press. The moment this button is pressed, the phone begins recording audio of what is happening at that time, allowing the user to have solid evidence of the occurrence. Additionally, this button sends a message, linked to several safe contacts including 911, that the victim is in danger.

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