Savage x Fenty: Redefining Lingerie For Women Of Every Shape and Size

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The fashion and beauty empire to challenge that of Kylie Jenner’s is now coming out with a new lingerie line. Savage by Fenty was announced last Friday by the pop singer as the newest addition to her already growing chain of businesses in the fashion world, including her enormously popular Fenty Beauty and her collaboration with Puma.

Rihanna’s new lingerie collection hype isn’t just about the edgy designs and sexy silhouettes of their bras and underwear, though. The campaign is being praised for its inclusivity and effort to accommodate to diverse skin tones and body shapes.

The Savage x Fenty website features the “Savages”, a diverse range of girls Rhi has proudly chosen to represent her new line. Each of the girls has their own profile and video, giving a snippet of their individual image in their certain body types and skin tone. These girls certainly have something to say about the beauty standards surrounding the lingerie world, and women in general.

“If these guys like me for me, why shouldn’t I like me for me?” says one of the “Savage” girls of May, Audrey. “Rolls, stretch marks, cellulite; if they like you, they don’t care. They’re not thinking about that so you shouldn’t either.”

Accordingly, the models’ bodies in the sites’ images aren’t photoshopped to edit out their belly rolls, extra bits of flesh, and other “imperfections”. Instead of identical stick-figure bodies, lingerie is stripped down to the simplicity of its bare beauty and displayed on an everyday, average woman’s body.

Images via Savage x Fenty

The “Send Nudes” collection is a series of “nude” lingerie sets–but not in the traditional definition of the term in the lingerie world. Rather than depicting one shade of “nude” skin tone as a one-color-fits-all, these bras and undies come in shades ranging from the palest of ivories to the deepest of true blacks. The colors, named Bare, Honey, Tobacco, Brown Sugar, Spiced, Cocoa, and Caviar, include far more shades of darker skin tones than most other lingerie collections.

Images via Savage x Fenty


Shop Savage x Fenty here.

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