Yet another monogram is being discontinued, and this time, it is the famous multi-colored Takashi Murakami Louis Vuitton monogram seen on many bags and accessories. So girls or guys if you own one of these special gems hold on to it for dear life, it may be the last of its kind.

According to WWD, under the new creative direction of Nicolas Ghesquiere, she has decided that the monogram design will slowly phase out of all its retailers. Dating back to 2003, when the company was under Marc Jacobs, they had collaborated with Murakami and ever since has been selling the design at Louis Vuitton retailers everywhere.

One retailer, Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City said the collection will be “leaving stores at the end of July, forever.”


This colorful design hit its highest popularity in 2003 and 2004, when it was still very new. Every Hollywood A-lister at the time, like Anna Kournikova, Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson, owned a piece from the collection and made sure to flaunt it everywhere, even on camping trips.

This was not the only collaboration with Murakami and the Vuitton brand, but it definitely became the most popular and long lasting from the two.

The decision to drop the famous design happened after the launch of the new “Series 3” designs were released in the fall 2015 ad campaigns.

You could be one lucky person if you hold on to one of these bags or accessories and if not hurry to stores before they are all are gone forever! Watch out for any fakes though, British Vogue has announced the Multicolor collection is most often counterfeited.

It is hard to say farewell to such an iconic design, but the Multicolor monogram had a long run and will go down in history as one of Louis Vuitton’s best signatures.

Image via Flickr/vasha.stylepost


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