Ido Leffler’s new non-beauty related line launched at Target this week.

The new line called “Yoobi” is a school supplies line intended to allow every student to have access to it.

“Yoobi’s dream is that every student has what they need. Every student, at every school,” says the narrator of Yoobi’s video entitled “Social Entrepreneur Ido Leffler Launches New Line of School Supplies Exclusively at Target”. This artistically done video is available for viewing on Target’s YouTube page.

Leffler is not new to working with Target, he already has a line called “Yes To”, which is a beauty line made up of natural products and is accessible in over 20,000 stores. Now Leffler is using his experience to launch a new line.

Yoobi plans to donate pencils, crayons, and other school supplies to a school in need with the purchase of any of their supplies, staying true to Yoobi’s motto, “One for You, One for Me”.

In an interview with A BullsEye View, Leffler said, “our mission is a long-term endeavor and Yoobi is dedicated to continuing support schools until the disparity in supplies is eliminated, however long that takes.”

The line launched June 1st at Target. According to Target, the line consists of, “folders, notebooks, pens and rulers, all less than $10.”

Leffler explains that school supplies is so necessary because it helps to build self-confidence for students, as school supplies allows for them to express themselves and allows for them to have ownership over something.

The goal of the supplies line is to help more than 750,000 kids nationwide by 2015.

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