Robotic cop of the future – The year is 2048 – Almost Human

Almost Human

When ladies hear the name Michael Ealy, they can’t help but to swoon.  So, the chance to see Michael Ealy every week must be refreshing. Michael Ealy plays a robotic cop of the future, Fox’s “Almost Human”, but that does not affect his looks, at all!

The year is 2048 and after surviving a catastrophic attack against the police department and waking up from a 17 month coma, John Kennex (Karl Urban) can’t remember much except that his partner was killed and he’s missing a leg. Suffering from depression, mental atrophy, trauma-onset OCD, and PTSD, John decides to return to work against the advice of his colleagues. There has been a mandate in the department that every cop must partner with a robot. He initially partners with one battle ready android, but quickly terminates the partnership after the robot discovers incriminating evidence about him. John is then introduced by the technician to Dorian (Michael Ealy) a discontinued android with unexpected emotional responses. Because Dorian was so emotional, he was viewed as flawed, but it is through these flaws that he and John are able to make a connection. Produced by Bonanza productions “Almost Human” follows the week to week missions of John and Dorian as they fight crime across a futuristic landscape. Definitely different and intriguing, and I would say it’s worth the watch. “Almost Human” airs Monday nights at 8pm on Fox.


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