Selena Gomez shared a terribly adorable picture of herself cuddling with Benny Blanco.

Selena Gomez shared a terribly adorable picture of herself

Selena Gomez shared a terribly adorable picture: Selena Gomez just shared several photos from her week, one of which had her kissing producer Benny Blanco. Selena is presently in New York City, where she is launching her new Rare Beauty Find Comfort Body Collection and hanging out with Taylor Swift. To be honest, it’s really adorable!

On December 7, Selena responded to “facts” in an Instagram post that suggested the two were dating, thereby confirming her relationship with Benny and defending him to her followers. She uttered, “I don’t understand.” “If you truly have feelings for me. I am happiest right now. Feel free to say anything you want if you don’t. However, I refuse to let your advice dictate how I live. At all. I’m through. Please have no part in [my] life at all if you are unable to accept me at my happiest.”

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She also said, “lol yeah and he’s still better than anyone I’ve ever been with,” in response to someone who said Benny was “shading” her “years ago.”

“Selena and Benny have been casually seeing each other for a while and more recently, it became more official,” a source recently told Entertainment Tonight. Selena is content because things between them have been going pretty well. She considers Benny to be incredibly talented and humorous. Selena is happy and at ease since she is in a wonderful place in her life. She’s happy with the direction things are heading.”

I like Selena looking so content!

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