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De-stressing is significant to one’s mental and physical health. Five tips from an article published by Harvard Medical School on how to de-stress are as follows: unplug from emails and electronic devices, devise ways to find relief from stress like aromatherapy, a facial, or a warm bath, stay positive laughing and being zen, exercise, and meditate. Stress leads to a plethora of negative consequences and is linked to heart disease.

Creating a nice space to get comfortable in, either in your bedroom or in another room, is a priority. Personalize and give love to your room and to your things so you can always feel at home and be surrounded by positive energies. Adding plants, cheerful paint colors, cozy throws, and various wall hangings depicting paintings or motivational quotes all make a difference in how much you like your space. Once you have this happy space, you can cut down stress. In this space, you may watch amusing shows and movies, indulge in portions of chocolate or alternative healthy snacks such as almonds or popcorn, and have sex— all of which are effective stress releasers.

Staying away from unhealthy soothing habits such as smoking and drinking will improve your stamina. Limit communication with toxic people. Put yourself and your needs first. Self-care is key to preventing stress breakdowns.

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