Signs That Your Girlfriend is the One To Marry

Now when it comes to white dresses and walking down the church aisle, guys get this bad wrap that they do not have any idea on what they want when it comes to their wedding, but maybe they do? How about this: when it comes down to it men really do have an idea on some things when it comes to marriage. And you ask what kind of ideas?

Now, Men may not have an idea about what type of flowers they would like, but for sure when it comes to picking out the women they would like to spend the rest of their life with? Well, that is another story altogether. Men know and by George they know right away just by looking at their lady.

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Our top editors give you the stories, recommendations and honest reviews you need and want - delivered right to your inbox.

Now it could be months into in the courtship or that wonderful saying love at first sight you just never know. It does happen there are stories out there just have to keep your ear open and your heart open to the possibility. But the idea of spending “Forever” with someone does have a nice ring to it.

That is why picking a partner for life is such an important thing, and quite possibly the most important that we will ever do. And yes, it can be a very happy and intense moment for a man to make. So ladies, let’s for once put the shoe on the other foot and understand what it takes to ask us women for our hand in marriage and why we are the ones that have made him take on such a big decision.

What makes us so special and why are we being picked? You need to know why he is asking you. It is not just because you’re pretty, if that was the case then, well… every pretty girl would get a cracker jack ring collection.

So here is the thing ladies’, men love a true woman that is real and can let their hair down and be real and low key. That they can make life around others be a better place. That their woman is genuinely a kind person to be proud of, and that they can show off to their family and friends, in a totally non-objectified way.

Besides that, you are able to bring them happiness and that happiness then overflows to others. That you can bring happiness and joy in others because you also have this pure side as well.

That they can see by getting down on their one knee and asking that one question they know that you are okay with the everyday mundane grind life and that is enough to you because you have him by your side.

That is what makes you stand out from other women and if there were bad times more likely you would be there for those times too. Not just for the good times and be able to be there as the support system and know that is needed as a couple that is needed in a marriage as well.

But let’s go deeper why you are the one. Because you created a fan club for him. Also, there is conversation besides how you look and what he would do to you. Let’s be honest, looks can only go so far, but brains are so much deeper and will last so much longer. Truthfully, you also let him be himself around you and not try to change him and that captivates him. That also makes you captivating as well as sexy.

Some of the other things that give your boyfriends the idea it’s time for marriage is that you two have things in common with each other. But that you have your own things going that keeps you busy that you also do not depend on him as well.

That you can go with the flow and that you are low maintenance and that you do not play games. Men do not like that at all and that is a major one big time. No game playing unless it is in the bedroom, and both parties have a role to play.

Here is another good one and you know that old saying a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! Well, it’s kind of the truth, they love a good cook or someone who is willing to at least learn. Yes, it’s crazy, but the truth and truth be told when those who heats up the kitchen also heat up the bedroom for say as well.

So be adventurous, be tough, but be a lady. Show your funny side and make him laugh and be yourself and never know when your man when pop that question because that is what men look for to know that you are the one.

All the things that were mentioned is what men look for and seek in a partner before they ask for their partner’s hand in marriage. So if you are wanting to know well, there you go, what goes through a man’s mind and what he thinks about and it is a lot.

So while women we think about our dress and what it will be like when he gets down on that one knee, he thinks about what you will be like prior to that dress. So ladies you need to think about what you man feels and needs as well, so he can ask that question that you want so dearly to hear.

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