Simple Skin Care Improvements

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There’s a reason that everyone says it’s bad to keep makeup on 24/7. Washing before bed to remove all makeup is the way to go, according to Self.

This isn’t just a matter of smeared eyeliner. Self writes that the human body runs some self-care during sleep, and having makeup on can obstruct the process. Washing the face before bed makes for better chances of healthy skin. Brooke A. Jackson, M.D., a dermatologist, said that during sleep, the human body works on regrowing lost skin cells and repairing the damage of everyday wear. This is caused by a growth hormone that increases during sleep.

But not washing the face can leave dead skin cells, dirt and oils, and the makeup itself caked over the surface of the skin. This traps whatever is coming off the skin on top of the skin, keeping it duller. Humans lose about 50 million skin cells each day, and that can change the appearance and texture if it’s all trapped on the face with makeup. The same goes for how makeup sometimes traps oils.

The best way to make sure that makeup and cells alike are gone at the end of the day is to wash the face with water and soap. Makeup wipes, according to dermatologist Janet H. Prystowsky for Self, aren’t as effective, and some people have reactions to the chemicals in the wipes. If someone uses wipes, they should still wash with soap and water regularly.

Self recommends changing pillowcases regularly as well, one or two times a week. Pillowcases are another area that can collect dirt and oils. If a clean face sleeps on a dirty pillow, the dirt transfers to the face.

Another option to take further care is to get silk pillowcases or cases with copper oxide. Minimal friction and copper both help skin weather the world because reducing friction means fewer wrinkles, and copper can help skin’s texture, according to Jackson.

A little care goes a long way.

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