7 Simple Ways to [Naturally] Reduce Wrinkles


Don’t Squint: If you do this constantly, as well as any other frequent facial movements (constantly frowning, etc) it will overwork you facial muscles, and they will eventually become stretched to the point that they create new, visible lines, hence a wrinkle.

Make Tea: Green tea, chamomile, and many other teas, which also help with relaxation, reduce inflammation in your body. Many teas also have remarkable effects to reduce wrinkles simply by brewing and letting the steam hit your face, or applying the tea bag directly to your skin (just don’t burn yourself) .

Don’t Sleep On Your Stomach: Sleeping on your stomach can lead to uneven lines and wrinkles in your skin because of all of the various ways you may stretch your skin in your sleep!

Block Sunlight: Invest in a pair of sunglasses, use SPF beauty products, and tint your windows for those long rides in the car! The UVA rays that penetrate your skin are one of the major causes of wrinkled skin!

Don’t Wash Your Face Too Much! Washing your skin too often not only leads to dry, dehydrated skin, but it also removes away the natural oils that help protect your skin from wrinkles! Dry skin, therefore, enhances the appearance of wrinkles on your face.

More Protein: Protein helps repair skin cells, but fish, in particular, also have omega-3 fatty acids, which help nourish and replenish skin, keeping skin looking softer, smoother, and younger.

Antioxidants: Remember that your healthy eating is not only good for your body, but your skin as well. Foods with natural antioxidants, such as fruits, berries, mushrooms, pistachios (and most other nuts), and cocoa, have natural antioxidants that hydrate, moisturize and encourage regeneration of skin cells for a more youthful appearance.


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