Which Skin Type Are You?

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For perfect facial care, you first need to determine your skin type. Sometime we confuse our skin type and don’t use the correct treatment. As a result our skin ends up worse and we end up hating the product used. As a matter of fact, most of the time, it isn’t the product at all. A lot of facts influences your skin type like genes and the environment. Here is a guide on how to identify your skin type.

Normal Skin Type

Normal skin type isn’t too dry or too oily. It doesn’t have a lot of imperfections, or redness. Pores aren’t visible. You have nice healthy skin so you are the envy of all. Your skin is not a problem!

Dry Skin Type

Dry skin doesn’t have visible pores. Most of the time it has less elasticity, red patches and more visible lines. When weather changes, this skin type can crack, peel or become irritated. This is a factor of genetics. This kind of skin can’t handle long showers or be exposed to too much water. It needs to be moisturized all the time and will need treatments for lines and wrinkles.

Combination Skin Type

This skin type can be normal except for the T-Zone (nose, forehead and chin). This area is extremely oily. This skin type comes with blackheads and overly dilated pores. You will need to use products for both dry and oily skin and use it on separate places of your face.

Oily Skin Type

This skin type presents enlarged pores, shiny skin, blackheads, pimples and breakouts. This can be affected by puberty and stress. Don’t scrub your face if you have this skin type, because it will just breakout more.

Sensitive Skin Type

This skin type presents a lot of redness, itching and/or a burning sensation. For this skin type it is recommended to use natural or organic based products. Your skin is also dry most of the time. You need special care because of the sensitivity.

Remember, observe your skin to determine which type you are. Now you can start your Facial Routine.


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