Skincare hacks are essential as they make our life easier. Our Skin represents our true colors. In today’s world, due to so much hype, we don’t get everything we want for our skin. So today, I’ll introduce you to some simple, yet impressive skincare hack or tricks that you would surely love.

Skincare hacks

1- Removing makeup (Skincare hacks)

The first step of skincare involves removing makeup. Initially, makeup vibes have made the life of a person very easy, but some times it doesn’t work. It can make your skin extremely dry, especially in winters, and sometimes do-not do its work right. Due to these reasons, the hack to remove makeup is using olive oil or coconut oil. Yes, it’s very much right that removing makeup with olive oil do-not leave residue of makeup on your face. Generally, many makeup products contain oils and wax, which are very difficult to remove with affordable vibes so we can use olive or coconut oil for that purpose.


Apply the right amount of olive or coconut oil on the cotton pad and gently remove all the makeup. After that, wash your face with a cleanser, and you are good to go.

2-Moisturizer (skincare hacks)

Moisturizer is one of the essential parts of skincare. It hydrates your skin and gives it a life . Sometimes we don’t get what we want in a moisturizer. Some of the affordable moisturizers do-not moisturize our face for a good time, so the hack for this one would be castor oil. Castor oil has hydrating properties and can keep the face moisturized for a long time.

Application :

As castor oil is thick in consistency, add a drop of castor oil in your moisturizer, and apply it on your face. Moreover, it gives a natural glow on your face.

3-Under-eyes hack:

Skincare involves under eyes, which can make you look like an owl if your dark circles got worst. Many night creams are available in the market to prevent your dark circles, but sometimes those creams do-not give desired results and are out of reach. To solve the problem, the hack is “Vaseline”. Yes, you heard it right. Vaseline has such properties that help restore your cells and can gradually brighten up your under eyes.


Apply a small amount of Vaseline under your eyes before going to bed, and you are good to go.

4- Hydrating your lips

Lips are one of the segments of your skin that enhance your beauty. In winters, they dry out very quickly and can make a person irritating. Lip balms are present all over the market, but one of the drawbacks is they make your lips turn black. To prevent these circumstances, two quick hacks are there that will keep your lips moisturizer: 1-Apply a small amount of Vaseline on your lips and massage it for 1 min. It will keep your lips hydrated for a good time. 2- Apply a drop of castor oil on your lips and leave it on your lips. It will also keep your lips moisturized for a long time.

5-Dry hands hack:

Skincare hacks for hands are chief as hands drying out is a major concern in winters. It gets hard to keep your hands moisturized for an excellent amount to time as we do most of our daily work with our hands, so to overcome this takes a small amount of Vaseline and mix it with your moisturizer. This will help lock the moisturizer in your skin for an extended period.

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