Social Media Influencers Are Becoming Marketing Gold

Social media is one of the biggest trends of our generation. It can be used for to bring awareness to a cause, to promote products for a business, and it is also used as a place for people to get ‘social media famous’. Millions of people all over the world use numerous types of media sites and apps and most spend over half their day scrolling through their phone trying to find out the latest news or gossip.


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Our top editors give you the stories, recommendations and honest reviews you need and want - delivered right to your inbox.

Social media definitely has its upsides and downsides, but for many companies, it is a great place to get their name out to potential customers. Also, using someone with a huge following to promote your brand on a social site can make their followers want to buy whatever you are selling. If someone’s ‘influencer’ is talking about it then it must be good.


Our era is all about influencers and because of social sites these “social” celebrities are beginning to pass actual A-list celebrities with their amount of followers. This leads these people to be looked at more for endorsement deals and appearance opportunities because companies know that millions of people will be seeing it.


Marketers use serious strategy behind picking the right influencers to campaign for their product. Many companies are looking to move away from television and print ads because this generation is constantly plugged on to their phones that they barely pay attention to any other types of advertisements. Most businesses are shifting all their funds completely towards social advertising and having sponsored content on them.


Recently, social audiences went crazy over the Dolce & Gabbana fall 2017 men’s show because walking in the show were influencers such as Cameron Dallas and Luke Sabbaar. These social celebrities were used instead of traditional models. This was an attempt by the brand to reach a wider younger audience.


Just a few years back being a ‘blogger’ trying to get famous online was looked down upon but now brands are out of their seats to work with them. These are the people we see taking over national campaigns, hosting events, and even writing books.


For companies to produce successful campaigns, authenticity is crucial. So for them, developing real relationships and partnerships with these influencers is the ultimate goal. Also, these influencers only want to promote products that they genuinely love and use so that they are not seen as lying to their fans and eventually receive backlash from them.


In recent studies, more than seventy-one percent of customers are likely to consult social media before buying any type of product. Consumers trust these influencers and their opinions on brands. People hold the power in making a business successful so marketers now know just how to get their customers attention.

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